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Application of brewers yeast powder:
Brewer yeast power is widely used in animal farms in local China and abroad. The animal farms and scientists praise it highly as “the most promising feed additive in animal breeding industry
Product composition analysis index
Crude proteinAmino acidCrude ashMoisture
Amino acid composition analysis value
Aspartic acid, g/100g3.49Methionine, g/100g0.34
Threonine, g/100g1.72Isoleucine, g/100g1.58
Serine, g/100g1.99Leucine, g/100g2.72
Glutamic acid, g/100g4.41Tyrosine, g/100g0.97
Proline, g/100g2.09Phenylalanine, g/100g1.55
Glycine, g/100g1.53Lysine, g/100g2.69
Alanine, g/100g2.37Histidine, g/100g0.76
Cystine, g/100g0.33Tryptophan, g/100g0.48
Valine, g/100g1.84Arginine, g/100g1.66
Total Amino Acid, (g/100g): 32.52
Advantages of Our Animal Feed Additives:
1. 100% pure brewer yeast as raw material
2. High quality protein
3. Promote animals’ growth
4. With good palatability
5. Reduce incidence of disease
6. GMO free
Functional nutrition composition
Vitamin B1,mg/100g14.1Nucleic acids, g/100g7.3
Vitamin B2,mg/100g3.2Nucleotides, mg/100g23.4
Vitamin B6,mg/100g2.41Ca, g/100g0.41
Vitamin B12, μg/100g17Na, g/100g0.28
Nicotinic acid, mg/100g38.0K, g/100g1.72
Folic acid, μg/100g8.54x102Mg, g/100g0.16
Pantothenic acid, μg/100g4.24x103Crude fat,%2.9
Inositol, mg/100g130Crude fiber,%0.5
Suggested dosage:
Piglets: 30-50kg/ton
Growth and finished pig: 30-40kg/ton
Ruminant: 30-50kg/ton
Aquaculture: 40-80kg/ton
Poultry: 20-30kg/ton
Special animals: 20-60kg/ton
About Us:
China Dalian Xinghe Yeast Co., Ltd is a China leading yeast manufacturer that locates in the city of Dalian. We can produce low sugar instant dry yeast, high sugar instant dry yeast, feed yeast, etc. With the development of 20 years, our product are widely sold to domestic market and 100 countries and areas in the world, get good reputation.
Our Advantages:
1. 20 years’ experience in China yeast industry.
2. The fourth generation fully automatic production lines.
3. Professional QC and export team that ensure the quality and service.
For further inquiry, please contact us: (North America, South America, Africa, Oceania) (Asia, Europe, Mid-east)BREWER YEAST POWDER Free Sample